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Snake & Spider Safety Awareness

Snake & Spider Safety Awareness - the importance of educating our employees.
A snakebite is a medical emergency requiring an immediate response! This initial response is vital and can be the difference between life and death.
Key Focus Areas:
* Snake Safety and Emergency Procedures.
* How calm effective management of snakebite can prevent an accident from developing into a serious incident!

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TOOLBOX TALK OVERVIEW - providing expert tuition in:

  • A 1-hour interactive discussion using LIVE species of snakes and spiders
  • Snakebite FirstAid using patented SMART bandage technology
  • Snakebite Emergency Management Procudures
  • Snake Confrontation - what to do / what NOT to do
  • Snake Identification, behaviours and Risk Factors
  • Signs and Symptoms of Envenamation
  • Case Histories - what went right / what went wrong!
  • Switching On to the Dangers of Complacency
  • PPE, Preventative Measure and Site Awareness
  • Invaluable reference material, ongoing advise and assistance
  • Site inspections including JSA's, SWMS & Risk Assessments available

Craig Adams SSSAFE Director & course facilitator.

Former Operations Manager of the Australian Reptile Park and head of their life-saving Venom Program, has over 20 years professional experience working and teaching venomous snake safely principles.

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